Commercial Photography Can Take Many Forms.

Products, Art & Cuisine

As a creative, artist or artisan you've put your heart and soul into the things you make. It can be tricky to transfer the nuance, detail and care you've put into your products and art pieces onto the internet in all its forms. Trust me when I say I put as much of my self, care and precision into my art as you do yours.

Real Estate & Architecture

All Real Estate professional's know that high quality images that showcase your property's best side is what get's potential buyers through the door. Cell phone snap shots of dark rooms and washed out lawns don't cut it anymore. Professional photography is quick, efficient and will give your listing an edge above the rest!

Branded Stock Imagery

Ever wish you had branded images that embody your colors, vibe and messaging, to fill space on your websites, newsletters, office walls, or to use as backgrounds and social media posts? You can spend hours, days or months combing through stock image banks through a random web service, or... I can create the vision you know you already have in your head!

Information & Pricing

Product, Art & Cuisine

I can come to you or products can be sent to my studio. Costs largely depend on the number of items you need photographed, your shot list, and whether I am taking your photos in my studio or traveling. Options start at $200. I can complete a quote for you very quickly so please reach out!

Real Estate & architecture

All Real Estate and Architecture photography is priced with travel in Missoula and Ravalli counties already factored in! Pricing is based primarily on how many images you need, your shot list, and size of the property. Options start at $200. I can complete a quote for you very quickly so please reach out!