My love for photography began in the desert’s of Las Vegas, and has been growing steadily for the last 16 years. I believe in the power of visual art to tell our stories and make an impact. I’m fed by creation, movement and learning from others. I prefer to position myself as a support person, a cheerleader and a collaborator rather than an authority.

These facts led me to specialize in brand photography for businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as creative portraiture, whether’s that’s for solo-preneurs, influencers or high school seniors. It’s been a perfect match from day one. With my background in owning and running several small businesses I understand what it means to market and grow a passion. Similarly, through my own artistic endeavors (more on that below), I love to support the expression of other’s.

Professional photographer Shayna Adams surrounded by photography equipment and holding her camera.
underwater portrait of Shayna Adams, The River Maiden, swimming in her Pumpkinseed mermaid tail by Finfolk Productions

Underwater portrait of me by Brandee Anthony Media

Two years ago...

... I began a new journey and I didn’t know where it would lead me: finishing my college degree. Now, having graduated from the University of Montana in May 2022 with a double major in Cultural Anthropology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, I realize that what I needed was the rekindling of a creative fire. And that’s exactly what I got. I realized I am a storyteller, that I love humanity in all its forms, and… that I’m a mermaid. 

Through performance and creative expression in the water, I have found a unique and refreshing form of movement, art, and connecting with an audience. Also in May 2022, I completed PADI Freediving and Advanced Mermaid certifications so that I can begin bringing these beautiful and life changing underwater experiences to my photography clients! My Flow sessions, set in some of Montana’s most pristine aquatic environments, not only bring beauty to your content portfolio, they’ll be an experience you’ll never forget!

A carton of eggs sitting on the counter of the Bitterroot Breakfast Bus with two women in the background.

Entrepreneurs are some of my favorite people. I love working with you creatives, game changers and Earth shakers. You see that there is an ocean of opportunity out there and you’re ready to take the plunge to define your brand, reach your ideal audience and make your mark on the world. 

As your branding photographer it is my goal to deliver value and capture your story.

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