Entrepreneurs are some of my favorite people. I love working with you creatives, game changers and Earth shakers. You see that there is an ocean of opportunity out there and you’re ready to take the plunge to define your brand, reach your ideal audience and make your mark on the world. 

As your branding photographer it is my goal to deliver value and capture your story.

I'm glad you're here.

Portrait of Shayna Adams with buns in her hair, a plaid scarf around her neck and holding a cup of coffee on a porch
The call to create is a siren song

And telling our stories is as human as it gets.

Hi, friend! I'm Shayna, and I want to be your partner in sharing your story.

A large steaming burrito made in the Bitterroot Breakfast Bus with a crate of fresh eggs and metal bowl.
A woman doing yoga in a grassy field wearing a black strapped athletic outfit
A large hot pink torch ginger flower in Hawai'i
Stack of blue and purple fabric folded in an antique cabinet with hammered metal.
A young child looking out large windows in the Missoula Public Library at a snow covered mount sentinel in montana.
A picture of a cow made out of fabric hanging on a log home wall above a white marble countertop.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"

-Mary Oliver

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